Vision Strike Right Indicators



Strike Right indicators are 30% lighter than other foam indicators, they float higher and are easier to see when looking for that all important take. Because they are aerodynamically shaped at both ends, they cause less wind resistance when casting. Strike Right indicators are easy to apply and remove, and they are reusable.
Each package includes six pieces.

With our Strike Yarn indicator system (V9501) you get the feather light presentation of a traditional yarn indicator without the kinks in the leader. There are no knots required to make this indicator which means your leader won’t get damaged. It is very easy to use with the tool that comes with the kit. Thread the leader through the silicone tubing with the tool and place the yarn in the loop of the leader. Tighten from both ends of the leader and the silicone tube will slide over the yarn. Now you can trim it to desired size. See pictures for the instructions. Trim it small to get the sensitivity required in slower currents and light nymphs. Trim it big for the chop and heavy nymphs. The indicator is also adjustable to get the nymphs to the right depth. You can remove the indicator easily and the tube is reusable. KIT INCLUDES TOOL, SILICONE TUBING AND YARN.

code type colour rrp £
V9512 Small Yellow/Orange 5.99
V9511 Medium Yellow/Orange 5.99
V9501 Yarn White/Orange 15.99

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