Ace Tapered Tips



In order to complete our Skagit range, we designed a set of optimised tapered tips. These include Floating, Clear Floating, Intermediate and Sink3 type tips. For 2015 we introduced an additional Sink2. When combined with a Floating or an Intermediate Skagit head, the angler can basically cover all the layers from the surface down to the river bed where these tips become an obvious choice. All tips are equipped with readymade loops.

DENSITY:  Float, Inter & Sink
Profile:  Tapered
code item ft colour rrp £
VSKT10F Float 10 white 24.99
VSKT10CF Clear Float 10 clear 24.99
VSKT10I Inter 10 clear 24.99
VSKT10S2 Sink2 10 brown 24.99
VSKT10S3 Sink3 10 brown 24.99
VSKT12F Float 12 white 24.99
VSKT12CF Clear Float 12 clear 24.99
VSKT12I Inter 12 clear 24.99
VSKT12S2 Sink2 12 brown 24.99
VSKT12S3 Sink3 12 brown 24.99
VSKT15F Float 15 white 24.99
VSKT15CF Clear Float 15 clear 24.99
VSKT15I Inter 15 clear 24.99
VSKT15S2 Sink2 15 brown 24.99
VSKT15S3 Sink3 15 brown 24.99

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