Bottom Express fly lines



This line pretends to be nothing less than the preferred choice should you wish to fish deep. The weight and taper will ensure you get you out there with every cast. A line that sinks like a stone so be assured you can always reach the very bottom. The rear part of the head floats to avoid creating an angle with the running line.
Available in 3 grain weights 150 (black/yellow), 200 (black/tan) and 300 (black/red).

Density:  Sink
Profile:  Weight Forward
code item grains head (m) total (m) rrp £
VBE150 Sink 150 9.5 33 69.99
VBE200 Sink 200 9.5 33 69.99
VBE250 Sink 250 9.5 33 69.99
VBE300 Sink 300 9.5 33 69.99

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