KUST Shooting Heads



The Kust fly line has a slick and supple coating which remains memory free even in cold conditions. The slickness is achieved by adding non-wearing Teflon™ particles to the coating. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and it also transfers casting energy far more efficiently than traditional cores. The line is perfect for most situations a coastal angler will face while hunting the elusive seatrout. However, in certain locations, really long casts are required on a regular basis. Casting a 30 metre long Kust line fully out is a job well-done, but more importantly, long casts are sometimes needed to be performed very fast if a faraway school of seatrout is moving through quickly. There is no time for several false casts.
That is the main reason why we are introducing two Kust shooting heads (SH): a clear floater and a light-olive SloMo. When combined with a thin running line, for example our Catapult Flat shooter, the angler gets additional benefit as the running line has much smaller surface area for wave/current disturbances when compared to the integrated running line used in our full length Kust lines. This provides better control of the fly and enables easier detection of subtle takes. The ready-made loops make it easy to attach the shooting head to the leader and to the running line.

Density:  Float/SloMo
Profile:  Shooting Head
Colour:  Clear & Olive
code item grams/# head (m) rrp £
VKH15CF Float 15/#6 10.0 54.99
VKH17CF Float 17/#7 10.0 54.99
VKH19CF Float 19/#8 10.0 54.99
VKH21CF Float 21/#9 10.0 54.99
code item grams head (m) rrp £
VKH15SI SloMo 15/#6 10.0 54.99
VKH17SI SloMo 17/#7 10.0 54.99
VKH19SI SloMo 19/#8 10.0 54.99
VKH121SI SloMo 21/#9 10.0 54.99

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