Merisuola fly lines



Saltwater fly fishing is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Vision has already been offering specially designed tackle for saltwater fanatics for years. Two years ago we decided to put some extra efforts into this field and started the Project Merisuola (Sea salt). The idea was to provide premium tools for devoted saltwater fly fishermen. In the first phase we are introducing Merisuola fly rods and fly lines, which were designed simultaneously to compliment each other. The harsh saltwater environment and big, strong and fast fish is a combination, which sets some hard limits especially for fly lines. For that reason, we have spent numerous hours testing and re-designing our Merisuola fly lines before we were confident that the lines were ready for the challenge.

Density:  Floating
Profile:  Weight Forward
Colour:  Orange/Blue
code item line head (m) total (m) rrp £
VLT7F WF Float 7 16.0 30 79.99
VLT8F WF Float 8 16.0 30 79.99
VLT9F WF Float 9 16.0 30 79.99
VLT10F WF Float 10 16.0 30 79.99
VLT12F WF Float 12 16.0 30 79.99

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