Nite fly lines



Nite is a weight forward line for all round use with a supple and slick self-lubricating coating. It has a compound type taper and is a two tone line with a mango coloured head and light grey running line for high visibility. The readymade loop makes it easy to attach the leader. The Nite line is built on a braided core and it remains memory free in cold water. Available floating in line weights #4–8.

Density:  Float
Profile:  Weight Forward
code item line head (m) total (m) rrp £
VNW4 Float 4 10.1 25 49.99
VNW5 Float 5 10.1 25 49.99
VNW6 Float 6 10.1 25 49.99
VNW7 Float 7 10.1 25 49.99
VNW8 Float 8 10.1 25 49.99

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