Ace Control Running Line


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Ace Control: This is a perfect running line for those who want to know where their fly is. This monofilament core running line has an orange HiFlo™ coating with dark green markers at 5m intervals. So you can easily see how much line you have out and if you get a take it's easy to cover that lie again as you know how far it was. The monofilament core makes it slightly stiffer compared to our other ACE² running lines so you're less likely to get tangles. It has a big loop at the front and smaller at the back and it's made over a 30lb core with total thickness of 0.039”.

Ace²: A set of floating running lines to cover all your needs. These running lines don't have any memory whatsoever so there's no need to stretch them before use. We have a readymade loop at one end for ease of attaching to your shooting head.

Flat Shooter: If you are looking for the maximum distances and ready to pay attention to controlling your running line, this is your choice. This super slick shooter type running line has very low stretch and memory giving you the ultimate feel during fishing. It is so slick that in real fishing situations you have to remember to brake it a bit at the end of your cast to create some head and leader straightening friction. The spool has 100 meters so it rigs several reels, or just one if you're really good…

Density:  Floating
Profile:  Level
code item kg Ø (in) length (m) colour rrp £
VRLC39F Control 13.6 .039 30 Orange/Green 49.99
code item kg Ø (in) length (m) colour rrp £
VRL27F Ace² 9.1 .027 30 Orange 39.99
VRL31F Ace² 9.1 .031 30 Orange 39.99
VRL36F Ace² 13.6 .036 30 Orange 39.99
VRL40F Ace² 13.6 .040 30 Orange 39.99
code item kg Ø (in) length (m) colour rrp £
VRLC35 Flat 15.9 - 100 Yellow 29.99
VRLC50 Flat 16.3 - 100 Yellow 29.99

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