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Skagit Intermediate (green): A floating head is without doubt the number one choice for Skagit fishing. It is ridiculously easy to use and it will get the job done in most situations. In some places, however, the surface flow is so strong or complex that it will make the sinking of the fly to the killing zone very difficult to achieve, or the floating head drags the fly too fast when you want to present it slowly. To solve these problems, you need to get the large diameter head under the surface and away from the strongest current layer.
Unlike some of our distinguished colleagues in the industry, we feel that leaving a part of the head on the surface is not the right way to proceed and thus we have a head that is fully intermediate. This is handy on some of the Scandinavian rivers which can be truly fast moving and occasionally pretty deep. We might suffer a bit in the maneuverability of the head but we consider that a small price to pay when we can offer our fly just as slowly as we like in diverse conditions.

Skagit Floating with T-tip (white): If you need to get down deep, use large and heavy flies but still want to maintain your control, Ace Skagit floating head + T-tip is the line system for you. This floating head range covers line weights for relevant rod lengths and weights. The T-tips range includes three different lengths and each of them has three different weight classes. The tip length and sinking rate is chosen according to the place you fish, not according to what you think the line can cast. All tips come with pre made loops at both ends to make your fishing nice and easy. All Ace Skagit floating heads are delivered with a suitable T14 tip.

(T10 & T17 tips available separately)

In this video Tuomas explains a little about our Skagit lines.

Density:  Intermediate & Float + Tips
Profile:  Shooting Head
code item total (m/ft) grams grains T14 tip rrp £
VSKI370 Inter Head 6.7/22 23 370 - 59.99
VSKI400 Inter Head 6.7/22 25 400 - 59.99
VSKI460 Inter Head 7.0/23 29 460 - 59.99
VSKI490 Inter Head 7.3/24 31 490 - 59.99
VSKI550 Inter Head 7.6/25 35 550 - 59.99
VSKI580 Inter Head 7.6/25 37 580 - 59.99
VSKI650 Inter Head 7.9/26 42 650 - 59.99
VSKI710 Inter Head 8.2/27 46 710 - 59.99
VSKI770 Inter Head 8.2/27 50 770 - 59.99
code item total (m/ft) grams grains T14 tip rrp £
VSKS460 Sink3 Head 7.0/23 29 460 - 59.99
VSKS550 Sink3 Head 7.6/25 35 550 - 59.99
VSKS610 Sink3 Head 7.9/26 39 610 - 59.99
VSKS710 Sink3 Head 8.2/27 46 710 - 59.99
code item total (m/ft) grams grains T14 tip rrp £
VSK370 Float Head 6.7/22 23 370 10ft 69.99
VSK460 Float Head 7.0/23 29 460 10ft 69.99
VSK490 Float Head 7.3/24 31 490 12.5ft 69.99
code item total (m/ft) grams grains T14 tip rrp £
VSK520 Float Head 7.3/24 33 520 12.5ft 74.99
VSK550 Float Head 7.6/25 35 550 12.5ft 74.99
VSK580 Float Head 7.6/25 37 580 12.5ft 74.99
VSK610 Float Head 7.9/26 39 610 12.5ft 74.99
VSK650 Float Head 7.9/26 42 650 15.0ft 74.99
VSK710 Float Head 8.2/27 46 710 15.0ft 74.99
VSK770 Float Head 8.2/27 50 770 15.0ft 74.99
Weight excludes T14 tip

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