Ace Switch Head System



Short, easy casting shooting head system for modern Switch rods. Kit includes floating body (white), floating, intermediate and sink3 type tips with loops at both ends. This makes them very easy and quick to change whenever needed. By adding our polyleader to the tip you can fine tune the sinking depth even more. The body will cast the faster sinking T-tips so this line is very versatile. The body of the line is 6.1m and the tips are 3.0m in length. The heads come in 23g, 26g and 29g in total weight. The short total length makes this line very easy to cast even in the most difficult conditions.

Density:  Float head + 3 tips (Float/Int/Sink3)
Profile:  Shooting Head
code item total (m/ft) grams grains rrp £
VSW260 Head+Tip 9.1/30 23 360 99.99
VSW300 Head+Tip 9.1/30 26 400 99.99
VSW350 Head+Tip 9.1/30 29 450 99.99

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