Big Mama fly lines



Our new fly line is designed for nymph fishing, especially for Polish/Czech/French Nymph techniques. Because of the very thin diameter (only 0.58mm) and new slippery coating the casting is easy. Softness and lack of fly line memory ensure you'll not miss even the smoothest bite! On both sides of the fly line there are small smooth loops for attaching the leader and backing.
This light beige line was specially designed to meet European competition standards of minimum diameter 0.55 mm. The line is 28m long and level so you can reverse it once the other end of the line starts to show signs of wear. This fly line is must for all nymph fishing lovers!

An ideal solution for modern light line nymphing using 9.0 - 11.0 rods rated #2 - #5

Density:  Floating
Profile:  Level
code item head (m) total (m) rrp £
VULN Float - 28 39.99

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