Onki fly rod



Our new full-scale rod series Onki (rod & line in Finnish) consists of 11 carefully created medium-fast rod models to cover most of the situations anglers face when fishing for freshwater species on rivers and various stillwater/reservoir locations.

Based on our long history with true classics like the 3Zone and the Nite range of rods, these four piece high quality rods have green olive blanks with graphite grey screen markings. The quality of high-modulus graphite is something you normally find only in more expensive rods and it enabled us to create a very light and sensitive rod. The handles have narrow rubber/cork reinforcements to make them more durable. With these rods your money is truly well spent.

Another excellent rod that offers a great combination of feel, flex and power delivering the kind of casting performance to rival more expensive options while retaining the soul of a proper fishing rod. T&S

Out on the river with the Onki 10ft #3

Rod Action:  Medium Fast
No. Pieces:  4
Rod Finish:  Green/Olive
code length line grams handle rrp £
VON4763 7.6 3 66 Half wells 219.99
VON4804 8.0 4 73 Half wells 219.99
VON4905 9.0 5 78 Half wells 219.99
VON4906 9.0 6 80 Short full wells 219.99
VON4907 9.0 7 106 Full wells 219.99
VON4966 9.6 6 103 Short full wells 219.99
VON4967 9.6 7 111 Full wells 219.99
VON4103 10.0 3 79 Half wells 219.99
VON4104 10.0 4 85 Half wells 219.99
VON4106 10.0 6 123 Short full wells 219.99
VON4107 10.0 7 125 Full wells 219.99

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