Mag fly rods


from £299.99

These tip action, four piece rods will surprise you with their great balance, looks and top quality components.
Nine footers were designed to be first class all round rods for traditional river and lake fishing. They have reversed half wells handles except the heaviest #6/7 rod which has a full wells handle and a small fighting butt.

Longer 10.0 rods were initially designed for two main purposes: the lighter for short line long leader river fishing and heavier classes especially for the demanding stillwater and reservoir situations (multiple flies, long leaders, etc.). All of them have full wells handles while the #6/7 and #7/8 have an additional small fighting butt which might come handy if you happen to hook a real monster!

The unique action of the MAG blank is ideally suited to creating very long light actioned rods while still retaining the precision which can be so often lost, thus the MAG 11.0 rods. These newest additions to the range are amongst the best available and exceptional for 'French Leader' style fishing, nymphing at short or long range and loch style fishing from a boat.

Rod Action:  Fast
No. Pieces:  4
Rod Finish:  Olive
code length line grams handle rrp £
*VP4903 9.0 3/4 82 A 299.99
VP4904 9.0 4/5 84 A 299.99
VP4905 9.0 5/6 87 A 299.99
VP4906 9.0 6/7 98 A 299.99
*VP4103 10.0 3/4 94 B 319.99
VP4104 10.0 4/5 101 B 319.99
VP4105 10.0 5/6 103 B 319.99
VP4106 10.0 6/7 120 B 319.99
VP4107 10.0 7/8 123 B 319.99
VP4112 11.0 2/3 94 C 319.99
VP4113 11.0 3/4 94 C 319.99
VP4114 11.0 4/5 100 C 319.99
* Trout & Salmon Recommended

Jim Williams talks to Tony Riley about the MAG 10.0 #3/4.

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