Vision Travel Rod Tube


from £39.99

Multi Rod: This is a great tube for the destination angler who wants to carry several rods together. There is a carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap, address card pocket and protective caps on both ends. Separate cloth bags are available in two different sizes to cover all 4 tubes. Tubes are available in four different lengths, inside diameter is 10cm:

  • 82cm - 4 piece rods up to 10ft
  • 110cm - 3 piece rods up to 11ft
  • 140cm - 4 piece DH rods up to 17ft
  • 160cm - 3 piece rods up to 15ft

Rod & Reel: Two new single hand versions feature a reel pouch so you can have your fishing kit ready to go at all times. The reel pouch is padded to protect your reel from impacts. Both have a carry on handle and an address card pocket. The zippers are strong and original YKKs.

  • 74cm - 4 piece rods up to 9ft + fly reel
  • 95cm - 3 piece rods up to 9ft + fly reel
  • 95cm - 4 piece rods up to 10ft + fly reel
code item (Øcm) size colour rrp £
VTT82 Tube (10) 82cm Black 49.99
VTT110 Tube (10) 110cm Black 54.99
VTT140 Tube (10) 140cm Black 59.99
VTT160 Tube (10) 160cm Black 64.99
VTT82Y Tube (10) 82cm Yellow 49.99
VTT110Y Tube (10) 110cm Yellow 54.99
VTT140Y Tube (10) 140cm Yellow 59.99
VTT160Y Tube (10) 160cm Yellow 64.99
code Item size colour rrp £
VTTB110 Cloth bag up to 110cm Black 34.99
VTTB160 Cloth bag up to 160cm Black 34.99
code Item size colour rrp £
VTTR74 Tube/Reel 74cm Black 39.99
VTTR95 Tube/Reel 95cm Black 39.99
VTTR74Y Tube/Reel 74cm Yellow 39.99
VTTR95Y Tube/Reel 95cm Yellow 39.99

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